Twisting the moving part is a meditation. It’s the time for reflection and gratitude. Peace and wonder. This movement transports the wearer of the jewelry from her millennial lifestyle (reality) to the whimsical scenes of another world – Al Ula. In this world, time slows down to show the beauty of Ramadan – the journey inwards, the quiet, the wonder.

To add another beautiful twist (literally), there is another strong connection in this route between Ramadan and the jewelry. Ramadan relies on the cyclical journey of the moon, the rotation of the earth and the sun and the spin of the whole universe. So in fact it’s not just a turn inwards that happens with the rotation of this ring, but another turn for Ramadan to be observed.

The film starts by showing snaps of the main cast’s lifestyle, and then transport us into the meditative, surrealist setting of Al Ala. It comes to a close with a gathering moment to mark the occasion of Ramadan, followed by the connection of the occasion to the jewelry.



Key Visuals: