Life has slowed down and taken on somewhat of a monochromatic tone. With less travel, less events and less excitement, what we really need these days is more brightness, more vibrancy and more colour. That’s where Centrepoint’s White Wednesday Sale comes in – bringing colour to your world by sharing some of ours, in the form of exclusive items, amazing deals and stylish finds. In a landscape and time when most brands capitalize on black and white, we’re doing the opposite, and bringing you the NEW WHITE.

We want to build a strong, recognizable brand identity for White Wednesday and create something that speaks to both White Wednesday and the Centrepoint brand. This visual approach helps position the brand in a more elevated position in the world of fashion. The brand has so much to offer – in terms of pricing, value, exclusive and unique fashion – so we wanted that to reflect in the unique visuals we create. Adding colour and vibrancy to the world of Black and White e-commerce, and creating something that can live on for a long time.