Overview and brief

SACO is a pioneer in the hardware retail and wholesale business, the largest total-solution home improvement superstore in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

SACO now represents the most innovative company in its field throughout the Kingdom. Currently, there are twenty SACO retail outlets in twelve cities throughout the kingdom, with over 45,000 different products on display extended on 2500 to 22000 square meters store space, with 13 dedicated specialized departments.

SACO is a very special day-out for the whole family, offering a wide variety of features including a children area and a cafe (at Saco World). Construction, architecture, and design professionals can also purchase all needed items in one easy stop.


The company wanted to promote the New IXO screwdriver from Bosch, focusing on the product features as well as the additional power that the product can provide with its new lithium-ion technology.


The strategy, therefore, is to create an experiential marketing event connecting the brand and the target audience by creating an in-store display to demonstrate the product performance of Bosch IXO Screw driver.


To do so, we created a Screw Art poster with the size of 1×1 m2 using 15,000 screws, and 178 hours of drilling, under the concept of “ Nailed it “ where every screw to the smallest detail was installed forming a man’s face shape. The poster was displayed in SACO’s main outlet among the Bosch IXO screwdrivers for 2 weeks, after that it started the, 20 stores of SACO, tour.


The Poster literally stopped the traffic, and before we knew it the word spread.

This exhibition demonstrated the effectiveness and suitability of the Bosch IXO in every task required of it, as well as promoting SACO as a destination for design professionals and artists where they can also purchase all needed items in one easy stop.